Monday, December 31, 2007

Back in London UK Adventure Part 2

After a fantastic trip home to Sydney (have stuff to write and pictures to post but will do that next time) I arrived back in London last night. It was brilliant to go home and anyone I spoke to (cheers Vic, Anthony, Jo and Jonathon) in my last week in London before leaving will attest to this - I needed to go. I needed to touch base with Sydney, sun and my family to find my bearings. I realise now that I kind of lost my way a bit and certainly the level of excitement at undertaking this adventure was dwindling. Going home filled up the tanks again and I am looking forward to 2008 and finishing off my UK time with a smile and lots of memories to take home.
Unfortunately though I have to do that without Vic, who went home for good just after I left (but not according to her blog which has us still in Scotland. Update your blog woman!). Her not being here is kind of weird and I keep expecting to hear her key turning in the lock at the flat.
But 2008 is another beginning and I am very much looking forward to meeting new people, not yelling at different kids everyday (I will yell at the same ones everyday now) and seeing a bit more of the English countryside and Wales.
I've never been a good one for keeping New Year's Resolutions. The best I managed to do was give up ice cream for Lent once. Instead of a resolution for 2008 I just have a plan, to take one day at a time and to keep everything a simple as possible!
Fingers crossed! Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Going home for Christmas

I am going home for Christmas. If you could see me now you would see I am jumping for joy.

Goodbye annoying children who yell at me with such attitude and vocabulary that is unnatural for 5 year olds. Goodbye yucky cold weather. Goodbye evil tube commuters who think it is acceptable to elbow me every 2 minutes.

And a big Goodbye to the woman in Primark who tripped me over on purpose by sticking her foot out. You didn't see Karen walking behind me with an arm full of clothes with coathangers and you got one in your face! As Karen said "That's feng shui for you!" Karma got you, b***h!


Davina and I at her housewarming party last month. Martin and I cheated at drunken Scrabble and we still came last!