Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Ballet

Last Thursday my class went on an excursion to the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden to see the Royal Ballet Company’s production of “Sylvia”. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never seen a ballet before, never taken Year 5 on an excursion and certainly never travelled on the tube with children. But I loved it. And am planning to go back and see another performance (not Sylvia but something else) at night when I don’t have a theatre full of school aged children surrounding me.

I was very proud of my kids though because there were high school children screaming and hollering throughout the performance. But my class sat quietly and watched and clapped which was really lovely to see. Goes to show you that money does not necessarily buy you manners!

Strange but true fact… it turns out that Jonathan (my cousin’s husband) actually produced the one off performance’s programme! Small world huh?

Still searching for a house. As of Sunday afternoon I have now seen 16 places. As of next weekend I am officially desperate! Keep your fingers crossed for me please.

Just before I went home Karen, Vic, Nicola and I went ice-skating in Hyde Park for the Winter Wonderland festival. It was great fun and although cold, the atmosphere was amazing. Felt like a little bit of Scandinavia in London!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hunting for a House

I'm in the middle of house hunting at the moment and it sucks big time. Either the places are yicky or they are lovely and I am competing with 100 people for them.

School has begun and I am really enjoying teaching full time on one class again. I love being evil and setting lots of homework too. Something I could never do teaching Kindy. I'm giving the kids a 4 week project tomorrow along with a maths test and spelling quiz. Moohahahahaha (that's my evil laugh in case you weren't sure)!!!!!!!!!
So I should pop some piccies from home up here too. I didn't do anything monumentally huge when I was there but I did have a fabulous time. I got to see my kids from St Martin's and attend their End of year Mass.
I caught up with Brett and Lisa McCallum, Horse and Christie, Simon, Tegan, Mel, Scotty, Matty D, Erin, Hoover, Cam etc at Pittwater RSL for a beer or two as well.

Simon and I went to the beach and soaked up a few rays of sun. Wish I could have swam but in all honesty IT WAS COLD! And I am a big fat chicken! Also built some sandcastles with Lachie and Ashleigh Grimshaw too.

Christmas was relatively quiet. I saw Dad a few days before hand and then spent the actual day with Mum and Cleland before heading up the hill to see the Cook/Portelli/Berrell family. Cleland's girlfriend Belle got a new dog and it is so small it fits in the palm of your hand. Cleo, the dog, is the one on the left!

I was really looking forward to seeing my friend Christine as she and her husband Greg are expecting their first child in April/May. I've known Christine since we were 3 so I was very excited to see her in her new role as "Mum-to-be". We spent a wonderful day having lunch and then again caught up at the Doyle's Annual Boxing Day BBQ too!

Also saw Alex and the soon to be Mrs Heathers, Lisa. Big congratulations to them both (Alex popped the question a couple of days later during their NYE camping trip). Plus Paul and Trinette Robinson and Robyn and John Zampa-Howe.
A surprising but awesome thing too was being able to meet my friend Kevin's new baby boy William. I say new baby even though he was born at Easter last year. William is such a bright and giggly baby and I loved getting some cuddles.

Speaking of babies... Next time I am home there will be not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 new bundles of joy waiting for some Aunty Alex cuddles! What are you people drinking over there?!?

So that was my Christmas trip home. I had the best time just hanging out with my Mum and watching her mash potatoes so I could finally master the trick of how to make them taste the right way (psst, it's all in the salt!) and seeing my friends. And now I am back and about to leave school to see yet another house off Gumtree. Wish me luck!