Thursday, December 28, 2006

Live in London

I have arrived in London after much planning and preparation, although I am sure that Mum might not agree on the whole planning side of things. I must admit that my original timeline for packing etc was thrown out of the window early on and I ended up doing everything last minute, including flying to Port Macquarie to see Dad on Christmas Day. Ah well, I got on board that aeroplane yesterday and that's all that matters.
British Airways overbooked and I got wedged into a middle seat. I don't actually fit in the middle seat (damn long legs) so upgraded from Singapore to London to World Traveller class (Premium Economy). There are those who will balk at the cost but it was the best money I ever spent and not only managed to sleep for 7 hours straight but also didn't notice that we were landing until we hit the tarmac! I recommend the World Traveller class to everyone. Very impressive. I sat next to this young couple from Norfolk, UK who were returning home after 9 months travelling Oz, NZ and Asia. They hadn't told their families that they were coming home with her sister and were going to jump out and surprise them when they got to the airport.
My cousin Jo and her husband Jonathon came and got me from the airport (big thank you guys!!!!) and whilst I thought I would be freezing here it is actually not that bad (so far). Am just mozying about with jeans and t-shirt on. I'm sure all that will change in Paris though.
I've got the big job interview tomorrow in Gant Hill. Haven't a clue where that is but Jonathon reckons if I leave 2 hours before hand I can't go wrong. I am positive he over estimates my skills with a map. Fingers crossed all goes well.

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