Friday, April 13, 2007

Not really home, but back in London...

Vic and I flew in from New York this morning and as I type this I realise that I have been awake for 29 and a half hours straight. I'm trying to make it to 8pm this evening but have begun to realise that I am running on empty. Fingers crossed that I get there.
There is so much I want to do/say/write about New York but my brain isn't working properly. I thought I would try and keep myself awake by downloading my photos and popping some up here.

Simply put, I loved New York. It wasn't love at first sight but slowly and bit by bit I began to see beyond the concrete jungle and yellow blurs as they screeched by me on the street. I began to see a city that wears its heart on it's sleeve and it's pride flying on every second or third building on top of a flag pole.

Until tomorrow when I can actually function on all four cylinders (I think I may have watched one too many episodes of Top Gear), here are some of my photos from my birthday trip to New York City.

P.S: Not sure if this will work but I've posted some videos of Vic and me in New York on YouTube. Click on the links below to check them out.


Voods said...

Sheesh you were quick getting your blog up. I slept for about 17 hours yesterday after our trip, and I still have a hankering for bed. Awesome to see some of your photos up already. Had a great trip with you and just for the sake of it ... SONG?

deev said...


is all i can say... and i love the videos... go you!!!

see you soon.
hope school goes well.