Monday, July 16, 2007

Tour De France

Who says that you have to go away to "go away" for the weekend?

First stop on my "stay in England" weekend was Hyde Park to watch the start of the Tour de France. This year they started in London. It wasn't really that exciting to be honest, more of a thing to do to say you've done it. Taking photos of the riders was a bit difficult as they were going so fast and this huge Japanese dude was standing in front of us and we couldn't tell when a rider was coming except that the cheers got louder. I got lots of the video guys on the motor bikes or the front or back wheel of the bike. It was fun to squish in with everyone else and cheer the guys on though. Wish I could have seen an Aussie rider but after about 45 riders I got a bit bored and remembered the pub Karen and I passed on the way in...

On Sunday I made a return trip to Oxford for the day with Karen, Rebecca and Courteney. It always amazes me how leaving London leaves you so refreshed and renewed. I loved sitting in the meadows of Christ Church soaking up the sun. Oxford is definitely my city of choice.

I wish I had more exciting news for you. But I am just cruising along at the moment. Enjoying doing little things in and out of London.

This is my last week at school. The million dollar question is "What will you do in September (after school holidays)?" and if another person asks me it I'm going to scream! We had the school Exhibition Evening (like Open Day) last week and everyone who walked past me asked me. I know they are interested and that's nice and I appreciate it but enough is enough. Fingers crossed I figure it out by September 1!

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