Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Olympic Torch run

On an otherwise snowy and cold Sunday morning and in an effort to see more "London", I took my friend Marleen up on her offer to head into London Bridge to see the 2008 Beijing Olympic Torch run. Having been part of the security with the RFS when the torch made it through Sydney in 2000 I knew that this would be a little less exciting as it had being able to run along side the torch on Wakehurst Parkway, but still, this torch relay is in London, and that always adds a little extra exhilaration. Photo - Torch relay at London Bridge. Torch is labelled on right hand side.

I needn't have worried though because the runners actually by-passed us. We got a fabulous spot only to just catch a glimpse of the action as the runners took a detour. I got to see a flicker of flame and about 30 armed policemen guarding the runner but that's about it. Turns out that the Police changed the runner's path because of protester mayhem about Tibet (see any news broadcast). I can say that I was very impressed that the armed policemen managed to keep up with the runner. They must be very fit! :P
It was good to see Marleen again. She is from the Netherlands. I met her on the Tube one day last year. When I lived with Karen in Chiswick she told me about an article in the newspaper about how people never talk to one another on the Tube. One day I was travelling south on the Northern line and that conversation popped into my head. So I turned to the person next to me and started chatting. And that was Marleen.
Photo - Marleen and me at London Bridge just after the Olympic Torch completely bypassed us.

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