Monday, February 25, 2008

February was "Found a house" month

Yes, you read correctly, I finally found a house at the beginning of February. I now live in Balham in a house share with 5 others - 3 guys (Aussie, Indian and English) and 2 girls (Aussie and English). It is not the best looking house I saw but the people make up for that without a doubt. They are great flatmates and seem to get on very well. We have a house dinner each month (lamb roast this month) and tend to eat at the same time so all sit around the kitchen table. After living alone for a while it is nice to have some people to talk to although I never seem to be able to find a place to dry my washing on the lines. :) Can't complain though as the house has an "ironing room", a room filled with airers and an ironing board!
I'm never moving again though! It took me a full month of looking at places. 19 to be exact. I was out seeing places after work and it was not a happy experience. I saw some beautiful places but people wouldn't ring you back and I saw some really dodgy joints where you had to run home for a shower because you might have caught something just from stepping foot over the threshold!
Here are some photos of my new place...

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