Saturday, January 6, 2007

Colds and other Catastrophes

I have been house hunting and to be honest - it sucks. It is evil and I don't like it and I don't want to do it anymore! I found a place is Chiswick for Karen and I today and am just waiting to hear back on when we can move in (we were approved tentatively). We have had to start a new flat share, but during teacher training today I found a girl who would like to move in so we should be sorted. I am amazed though at how much money people want for such little amounts of things. For the average amount of rent that is normal, I saw some very dodgy places! My personal favourite was the one where the real estate agent tried to tell Karen and I that the kitchen was completely modern and very up to date. When I asked when had it been put in/renovated he said with a straight face "1989". I'm not sure if that was the funniest part or the fact that the cistern fell off the toilet when I tried to flush it! All of this and more for the bargain basement price of £1200/month!

I made two new friends today (yipee!!) from teacher training which was great. We are heading out the Walkabout pub (where else would Aussie chicks go?) for a few beverages next week. Had a very long and "animated" lunch with them today and got on really well. Louise is 23 and comes from Melbourne and Rebecca is 26 and from Perth. Rebecca is a child psycholgist and Louise teaches English and History at high school.

I had a shocker last night when I got on the wrong train and then the wrong bus and ended up getting really lost and not getting home until 1am. That wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't left to go home at 10:30pm. Plus the only reason that I got home in the end was because I got off the bus (only God knows where I was) and hailed a cab. Not an enjoyable experience at all and one I hope not to repeat...ever.

Have got some more photos from Paris for you. Katrina (Simon's girlfriend) can sleep anywhere and fell asleep waiting for a train at Gard de Nord station. I think it must have been her Army training because she didn't have a problem catching a few zzzz's at all with trains whizzing by!

The next few photos are of Karen,Richard, Simon and me. The group one is on New Year's Eve on the bridge waiting to see the non-existant fireworks over the Eiffel Tower. The next one is Karen and Richie lining up in the line for 4.5hrs to get a ticket to go to the top of the tower on New Year's Day and the one of Simon and me is at the top of the tower. Simon loves his Russian hat and it went everywhere with him. I have a sneaking suspicion he slept in it too, I'll have to ask Kat when they get back into London next week.

The next three some of my favourite photos that I took in Paris.

As I was leaving the tower I noticed a wedding party having their photos taken just near the tower. It was so cold that my nose had started to turn blue but here are the bride and her bridesmaid in their beautiful sleeveless gowns! I did notice that the bridesmaid was wearing her jeans on underneath, so maybe she wasn't so silly after all!

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