Monday, January 29, 2007

Good Luck for Back to School in Oz

To all the marvellous children, lovely parents and fantastic staff at St. Martin de Porres Catholic School, I wish you a wonderful beginning to the 2007 school year.

To the beautiful Mary Hor and the wonderful Marylynne Heffernan, I hope you have a smooth and happy start to your new adventures at your new schools. I would love to hear how things go.

To Christine, Coz and all the other teachers I have met through the excellent Mrs Doyle, good luck for your new school year.


zyz163000 said...

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deev said...

looking good!!! man, hopefully your flat will be better soon.

i have two great bites on my neck from bed bugs... must have brought them back from somewhere, now how to get rid of them... and how to stop the itch from the bites. grrrrrrr

christinedoyle said...

So I just wrote a decent comment to this but seeing as I wasn't a member when i went to post it I had to sign up and now my orginal comment is lost so I really just wanted to say thanks for the luck and that all is going well. First time i have ready the blog....I know, it is now almost well done so far and enjoy the opportunities that arise over there (and if you can't find a way to enjoy them find a good bar that serves a good drink and some chocolate!!) Take care.