Sunday, January 28, 2007

Happy Australia Day

Australia Day in London is a completely difference experience to anything else I have ever seen, done, or thought possible. I knew it would be a big deal, but I wasn't prepared for the eventual "celebration" that occurred.

Here is a photo of the Ned Kelly outfit that the dodgy Year 2 class and I made for James the Aussie teacher who also worked at the school. I actually managed to teach a lesson about Ned Kelly which was an amazing feat and the kids really liked hearing about the bushranger. Not going to speculate as to why. By the way, that is not James the Aussie teacher in the suit at the time of the photo!
After learving school I met Karen in Victoria where she works and we headed out to Putney to met some guy that she knew from the Amex office in Phoenix. He was leaving London and having a few beers to say goodbye so we planned to tag along. Our original plan was to go to Covent Garden (and for those living in London I know you are shaking your heads as to the plan of going to Covent Garden via Putney. For those living in Oz, they are in completely different directions). However, we couldn't find him at the pub so we cut our losses after a quick beverage and began the journey back to Covent Garden. By this stage the pub which we were originally going to go to was completely full and had a line around to the next street so we met up in the Roadhouse (another pub in Covent Garden). The bouncers were very nice and didn't mind our attire at all. People kept stealing my hat though and as the night wore on it fell to Vic the Man to keep retrieving it on my behalf.

I think it might be a fair call to say that I probably have not been that drunk since Rachael Geary's 21st birthday party and I am sure my mother (designated chauffeur that evening) will attest to the fact that I was well and truly sloshed that particular night. A HUGE BIG THANK YOU must be given to Vic the Man as she was responsible to not only getting me home in one piece but also finding the much needed bathroom at a particular train station (can't remember which one).
The above photo includes (L-R) Rebecca, Me, Vic the Man, Karen and Courtney. I met Rebecca and Courtney at a training course on how to not to annoy English people in schools (I kid you not). Courtney used to work with and knows Woz Cree. Small world huh?

Also, very happy to report that Karen and I have found a new flatmate! Yay! Her name is Kinga and she is Hungarian and is 26. She works in something to do with accounts for Banks which is something similar to do with what Karen does. I got confused because they were using a lot of jargon and saying "Same here". Kinga moves in next weekend, but I will be in Belgium with Vic the Man for her birthday. Going there to stock up on chocolate as the chocolate in London is not very good at all. Desperate times call for a trip to Brussels for chocolate!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Australia Day. We saw the giant thong lilo race here, and I got very jealous of the beach and sun! Weevil man is coming to the flat tomorrow to de-weevil my room. It's a very exciting day! :)

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