Sunday, March 18, 2007

2 tube mice + 1 Where's Wally = A great night out.

Have just got home from watching the St Patrick's Day parade in Piccadilly Circus. In typical London style the parade is held the day after the actual St Patrick's Day. I celebrated St Paddy by dragging Karen and Adriaan out to the Fuel Bar in Covent Garden last night to meet up with Davina and her friends and Vic and Rebecca. We weren't actually meant to go to Fuel but for £10 jugs of cocktails we were persuaded to stay. :) It did come at a price though. The doorways are very short (as is the way with most buildings over here) and I am very tall. Add heels and a few cocktails and I was headed for disaster which occurred when I smashed my head on the doorway and made it bleed. Spent the next 20 minutes with my palm pressed upon my noggin. Didn't stop the festivities though!

You've got to love the fact that I spent ages finding a green shirt to wear only to spend the evening with it hidden underneath 4 other layers of clothing. My jacket only came off for about an hour. So much for making an effort! Davina made a huge effort though; she had painted tiny shamrocks and pints of Guinness on her nails!

Convinced that the doorways were out to get me and with happy hour coming to a close we all traipsed down to Leicester Square (with a few pit stops along the way) and though the theatre district to catch up with Davina. She took us to "this great bar that someone told me about". Turned out it was a gay & lesbian bar. Not sure what to make of being asked out by both a girl and a guy in the space of 5 minutes in the same bar.

We lost Adriaan on the way home. How you lose someone on the same train who was sitting opposite you I don't know, but we managed to do it.

The streets around today's parade route were packed so I pushed and shoved my way up to Lillywhites (sports store) and watched the floats and trucks go by from the huge stairwell. I wish there was more to say about the parade but it was pretty run of the mill with Irish music and Celtic dancers.

Went to 2 job interviews this week. Completely different positions. I have to go back for a second interview for one of them but haven't heard anything about the second one. The first one is for a Year 1 teacher in Middlesex and the other one is for a computer teacher in Battersea.

Friday night was a lovely quiet evening at Anthony and Matthew's house in Turnham Green. Matthew is a fantastic cook and he whipped up an amazing meal for us. Karen brought along some white balloons and we made our way to Acton Green Park to release them for a small celebration for close friends at home. Then we went back to the boy's house and had a great dinner with marvellous company. I first met Anthony at home back when I was in Year 11. He went to school with Karen too.

Have just re-read this post and realised I sound like a huge booze hag. Oh my! I'm not really. I promise. :)

P.S: So what's with the heading I hear you ask? Karen has this theory that if you see tube mice (tiny mice who live on the tracks at tube stations) you are going to have a good day. Don't ask me why. Those who know Karen will be nodding their heads in understanding. Anyway, we saw 2 tube mice last night. But then we also saw a guy who was dressed exactly like Wally out of the Where's Wally books. So Karen thought that Wally should be worth 2 tube mice. 4 tube mice worth of good night!

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