Thursday, March 8, 2007

Schools and a big stick

The beginning of this week was really crap and I cried on the way home from school. Other passengers on the double decker red bus kept looking at me funny. But then that's nothing to the stares I got when I burst into tears on Chiswick High Street on Tuesday. Everyone has days like this, but I swear, if it was legal to take a big stick to school and swipe at a few kids I would seriously have thought about it on Monday afternoon. Year 6 in North London were hideous and whilst I managed to keep it together for the school day, I lost it on the way home. Luckily after a block of chocolate and a chat to Mum things seemed a little brighter and the rest of this week is going well.

Am totally missing St Martin's (my old school) and the routine that I knew so well. Because I am supply teaching, everyday is like starting a new job. So for 9 weeks now I have basically had a new job every single work day. Today I worked at a school which is next door to Karen's work. I do PPA cover which is like RFF cover. For all those non-teachers reading this, PPA and RFF are time slots in the program where the normal class teacher gets time off to prepare. At St Martin's this was library and music and Italian and PE. Over here though it is not linked to another subject. Another teacher (me) just comes in and teaches your class for 2 hours. Anyway, today I had the infants (yesterday was juniors 3-6) and I had a nursery class after lunch. All lesson I squished playdoh for one little girl. She was a bit of a witch too because she kept stealing my stash and using it. I was making tigers and she kept stealing them! After afternoon play (recess in the afternoon) I had a reception class (Kindy equivalent) during their outdoor play time and I had to stand in the middle of the playground whilst they built a fortress around me out of blocks. It was a very action packed afternoon. The school is really lovely and after the shocking beginning to the week I needed a nice school.

Davina is organising a picnic on Sunday so keep the fingers crossed for a dry day for us. :)

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deev said...

that's awesome that you have had a nice end to a horrible start!!! hooray for nice schools and kids who aren't pure evil!!!

looking forward to Kew!!!