Sunday, March 4, 2007

The week that was the first in March.

Another week, and another 3 schools. Only this time I was mainly in the West End which is one of the ritzy areas in London. You can tell the difference when instead of being stabbed with a pencil, a child came up and asked me what carat gold my watch was. I wish I was making this up, but I kid you not, it happened on Tuesday. I have also turned into a dance teacher too. That was my job on Tuesday and Wednesday at two different schools. I am the least co-ordinated person I know so it was a laugh trying to teach children about different moves and balances. Thank goodness the teacher's left plans and instructions.

On Wednesday I didn't get any work and because the agency had guaranteed me work they sent me to a school who didn't need me. I got to teach dance to Year 2 and thread beads onto string with Kindy. Oh and I also got to wash some paint brushes! You can't argue with that kind of day can you? Especially when you get paid for it.

As I mentioned last week we saw the Cat Empire play at Shepherd's Bush. Managed to swipe a photo of Davina's blog of us in the Walkabout pub after the show.

From left to right that's Stu, Mark, me, Karen and Nick. Davina is taking the picture.

On Friday night Courtney, Louise, Vic, Karen and I went into Convent Garden and returned to the scene of our Australia Day crime. Also met Courtney's friend Brigid, who is a great girl. Welcome Brigid! As well as Brigid's friend Dave. Welcome Dave! 3 pound cocktails did a lot of damage and I made the (very smart decision) to leave early and head home.

Courtney and I with a "June bug" and "Raspbreeze" during happy hour at the Roadhouse.

Some days speed from one into another due to school and just doing all the little things that you need to do. But every now and then I get a brain flash and think "Oh Wow. I'm living in London!" It's a little strange because sometimes I forget. I mean I know I am here, but I forget that I am in LONDON. Although I must be settling in well, because there was a group on a tour bus walking through Piccadilly Circus yesterday and I thought to myself "Bloody Tourists!" when they stopped dead in the middle of a construction walkway blocking everyone. Plus I got annoyed and voiced my opinion when London Transport shut down all three westbound tube lines (Piccadilly, District and Circle) and we struggled to try and get home.
Photo above is Vic, Brigid and Courtney at the Roadhouse and the one below is Louise and Dave.

Also wanted to wish Annalise a very happy birthday for the 2nd of March too.
"Happy Birthday Lise!"

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