Friday, May 25, 2007

Cleland and Belle have arrived!

My brother Cleland and his girlfriend Belle have arrived in London. Over the past month I have been counting down to their arrival and was a bunch of nerves waiting at Heathrow Terminal 4 for them. Of course, my luck was that their plane was an hour and a half late. I started to get worried when people began coming through the arrivals doors crying and without luggage. Apparently some of the planes were not offloading luggage due to a baggage handling dispute. Luckily, Cleland and Belle emerged a little travel weary but with all of their luggage.

Yesterday I met them for a quick stroll down Oxford and Regent Streets before taking a few photos in Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square. Now they are off on a 12 day tour of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales which has been affectionately dubbed "The Nana Tour". They will be back in freezing cold London on the 9/6 (could someone please send a memo to mother nature explaining that it is supposed to be summer on Friday?).

Belle has a blog of their travels. You can find it at or in the links at the side of this page. She's been busy with Photoshop to produce the photo to the left. Loving that trendy mo' mate!

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