Sunday, June 10, 2007

The kids are back in town!

Cleland and Belle are back in London after their 12 day tour of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I'm sure that they will have lots to say about all the places they've seen on Belle's blog page (link over to the right of this page). But for my Mum, I have stolen some of their photos and posted them up here.

Here's a photo of Cleland and Belle on their first tube ride when I picked them up at the airport 2 weeks ago. Cleland wrote a itinerary of everywhere they are going etc and on the day he was scheduled to arrive he had put "Alex to drive" under their transport heading. Haven't laughed that hard in ages. I think the tube was a much better option!

I think this is a photo of them in Ireland somewhere. Not sure of where exactly but I'm sure he'll explain later.


It was actually Blarney Castle where we kissed the Blarney Stone.

This is his favourite photo. There is another one before it of Belle standing with the bear. Apparently Cleland reckons the bear tried to cop of feel so he called him on it!

Here's one of Belle on the coast of what I think is Scotland, but I'll have to ask her when they get home. She and Cleland are out on a tour of London at the moment. Adriaan's mum and sister were staying here last week and now C and B are here. I am having a very unusual half hour without anyone else in the house.


It is Dingal Bay in the Lake District of Ireland.

And the lucky last two, Cleland had a go at holding a golden eagle when they were in Scotland (?). Probably should have asked for some explanations before just swiping their photos huh? Oh well. The thought was there.

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