Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Count down is on...

Have finally finished off the end of year reports for the class that I am teaching at the moment. I thought reports were painful at home, but having to write reports on 30 children that I hardly know is much worse. I won't say that I will never complain again, because we all know that as soon as I go home and write my first batch of Aussie reports I will be whinging at top note again. I'm just going to have to say that ALL REPORTS ARE EVIL and leave it at that.
3 weeks and 2 days left of school and then it is holidays. Thank goodness. I am very keen to finally have the summer holidays my brain keeps telling me we should have had by now. Even though it is currently colder here in London than it is in Sydney.
Karen and I are off to Portugal on Friday for the weekend. We got some wonderfully cheap tickets on British Airways and a good deal on a hotel that is right next to a shopping mall and 5 minutes from the beach. My mission this weekend is to sit on the beach and read a book only leaving the sand in order to browse the shop windows. Not very cultural I know, but it's all my mushy brain can cope with right now.
Hope all is well in the far flung places you all reside.

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