Monday, June 4, 2007

A great weekend.

Everyone deserted me this weekend and choofed off to Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Wales and Austria. Suffering from cabin fever after a school holiday week stuck in rainy London I gave Shannon a call and she very kindly let me tag along to her Friday afternoon drinks in Covent Garden. Turned out to be a fantastic night as we went made an impromptu visit to a comedy club. You know the guys who stand on the street holding a big sign say "Comedy Club this way", well we followed the sign. Expecting dodgy, we actually got a great evening. Can't say I would have taken my children there though, as one tourist family did, and was certainly not surprised when they didn't come back for the second half.

Saturday is now dubbed "big Tesco day" forevermore. We've all heard great things about "big Tesco" and Karen found one in Wembley which she proudly introduced me to when I arrived in London. Sure enough, I fell in love with it too. Big Tesco is like a combination of Woolworths, Big W, Kmart and Best & Less all rolled into one. Well, I found a Tesco magazine on the bus a couple of weeks ago which listed another big Tesco (there are smaller ones that just stock food, and ones called Tesco Express which only have corner store stuff) at Osterley, which half way between us and Heathrow. Since I didn't have other plans, I set out in order to find the Holy Grail of Tescos. And boy, was it worth it! Oh my goodness me. It puts Wembley big Tesco to shame. This thing is huge! 2 floors of absolutely anything and everything you could ever need. And in multiple colours!

I met up with Nicola for a few drinks in the sun at the Oldship in Hammersmith. A last minute arrangement, but I had a great time up until the bit where I lost my lunch/dinner. Turns out my first real bout of sunshine + $AU45 bottles of wine + my weak drinking ability = a bad experience. Very, very disappointed in myself and feel completely un-Australian.

Actually managed to do some school planning work on Sunday morning before meeting Brendan and Michelle in the Barley Mow for non-alcoholic beverages and lunch.

For a weekend completely deserted by my usual posse of people, I had a great time (except for 12:10am on Sunday morning). I hope you all had a great weekend too.

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